Apr 4th

Would YOU secretly hack your own family’s tech devices?

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I love how technology can help us to grow together in new ways.  This device (created in Australia by a company called Domila) is called a “Pepper Hacker.”   It’s a sneaky but effective way to help families realize that there is a time and place for technology, and a shared meal is not the place for your family’s tech devices.

How can you connect with people at your shared meal if you’re distracted and immersed in a virtual experience?

Take a look at the video (below) and please share your point of view!

  • Do you think it’s rude for people to use technology at the dinner table?
  • Would you use a Pepper Hacker device to try to control your family’s tech devices?
  • What are your tech practices when sharing a meal? 

My opinion is this is a good way to call attention to the issue and help start a dialogue about keeping your shared meals a “tech free zone”.   It’ll at least give everyone a taste of a tech-free shared-meal experience (something they may not have had in years!) Hopefully, this new experience will be more rewarding and the “Pepper Hacker” will become obsolete!

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