Jan 10th

Why Do Shared Meals Matter?

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There are a host of reasons why I believe sharing a meal with someone – at least once a day – matters.  Sharing a meal helps us nurture our relationships, provide work-life balance, offer feelings of stability and security, promote healthier eating, continue cultural traditions and legacy, support educational and life-long learning pursuits, and enhance innovation and creativity.  Each of these areas on their own is reason enough to pay attention to the precious activity of gathering with those we love over a meal. And over the upcoming weeks in this blog, I’ll write more about each one to help you become more aware of what a shared-meal practice can do to add more joy and meaning to your life.
sharedmealsblogSome people want to share meals with their loved ones but feel lives are too darn busy to make or keep plans, struggle with syncing schedules, feel shopping and cooking meals is a hassle, are too distracted, etc.  All of these reasons (and plenty more) are a reflection of a modern American society that keeps us in a perpetually busy state of being and mindset.  As someone who can relate to many of these factors, I offer that there are so many reasons why developing a shared-meal practice is vital to your health, as well as to your family and community. In fact, I felt so compelled to share what I’ve learned with you that I wrote a book called The Shared-Meal Revolution:  How to Reclaim Balance and Connection in a Fragmented World Through Sharing Meals with Family and Friends.   In a nutshell, this book is about the signficance and benefits that families of all types (related or not) can enjoy when making a shared-meal ritual a lifestyle choice.
I look forward to sharing information, and hearing ideas and stories from you, too!

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