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What makes your table “shine”?

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For the past ten years or so, I’ve been interested in decorating and design. I’ve been exploring how to improve the “shine” factor of the table where I share meals.

The bonus of sharing meals at home is that you have creative control over how you decorate your table.  If you want to mis-match your plates for the sake of some eclectic interest, go ahead. I do this all the time and it’s a lot of fun.  If you want to display a pottery project your son did in his 2nd grand class as the centerpiece for the table, why not show it off with pride? Maybe you want to fill a bowl with interesting glass rocks you and your boyfriend collected at the beach and have a guessing game as to how many rocks are in the bowl?

What makes a table “shine” are items which have special meaning to the people who are gathering there to share meals.

As a gift to one of my professors, I gave her a platter I created for her at Color-Me-Mine (a paint-it-yourself pottery store).  Martha has told me how much she loves this original artwork. I imagine her using it frequently for salads or other dishes.  I used a ‘nature’ theme for this piece because she loves to eat salads, and to hike, and be in touch with nature.


Have you considered what special items you have around your house that might add “shine” to your dinner table?  Why not consider any artifacts, pictures, or other objects that might be fun to include when decorating your dining space?  If you have young people in the house, ask them to select an object (perhaps it’ll be a toy, or a favorite stuffed animal).

Whatever you try, you may find that the object leads to fun discussion, and deepens your enjoyment at the dinner table.

Please feel free to share any ideas you may have or have used in the past!


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