Dec 17th

Two Hands

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A couple of years ago I thought about how many gifts I could make.  I know I personally always prefer to receive a homemade gift (my kids will tell you that I make the same request of them each year — “give me a framed picture of you, or write me a story about a memory we’ve shared, or create a meal for me”).

Because I’m so passionate about helping people to create a daily shared-meal ritual, many gifts I’ve made have to do with a special recipe, or something to enhance the environment of the dining table.

One such gift I made for a former professor of mine was a meal platter.  Here it is:

WinbushfamilyI just love the colors in this platter, and the imperfections that are visible make it all the better.  (Who wants perfection, anyway?)

My professor has told me what a cherished possession this gift is in her family.  They use it for many shared meals and I can picture her family gathered together telling stories and laughing over dinner. This knowledge brings me an endless amount of joy.

When I finished painting this platter (at a local “Color Me Mine” store) I was ready to wear a beret and speak in a French accent. I really felt like an artiste!

There’s no need to feel badly if you buy all your gifts…that’s definitely not what I’m saying.

But I am suggesting that it’s worth exploring the creativity that lies inside of you, and giving someone you love a precious gift you have made with your own two hands. 



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