Jun 13th

To Label, or Not to Label? (That is the question)

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The New York Times published an article recently about Connecticut being the first state to approve legislation to label genetically-modified food.  Yay, Connecticut!  (my home state…with a wonderful governor in Dan Malloy who showed incredible dignity when helping the Newtown school community through their tragedy).

I have a very long history of sharing family meals as a childhood growing up in Bristol, Connecticut.  In those days, I don’t recall anyone ever talking (or even imagining) that was our food was engineered or altered, or being concerned about where to buy food hormone-free.  Who could have imagined that it would get worse and worse over the decades?  I’m thankful that there is awareness, although it makes me sad and frustrated that we have to be watchdogs.

Until labeling is a standard, we have to find ways to inform ourselves, and shop carefully. It’s always good to be educated about important topics like this, so if this issue makes us more discriminating, there’s the benefit we call can enjoy.

To me, there is not really a ‘question’ about whether to label genetically-modified food.  We should all expect to have the facts about what we’re purchasing.  Some of us have access to locally grown food, and some do not.  Regardless, wherever we buy food we need it to be “clean”.


What are Your thoughts? 

Are you personally concerned about this issue? 

Here’s the NYT article if you’d like to read it:


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