May 7th

Things you can count (on)

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I currently drive a 1998 Honda Civic Sedan.  It’s battleship grey, 4 door, and petite in size.  My son nicknamed it “The Beast” (it has a few bumps and bruises) and it seems to have a hearty soul.  It starts up without any hesitation, no matter what the weather or kind of workout it’s been through.  “The Beast” laughs at long drives on windy roads, and it still can outpace most other cars on the road.  I know this because I was driving 80mph for a 110 mile-stretch on a weekend trip recently.  This car gets you there.  Even if you are running late somewhere, this car has magical powers and somehow the ETA on the GPS seems to run in reverse, and you arrive with time to spare.

When I was driving with my daughter, Jini the other day, I noticed that “The Beast” was turning a milestone – 170,000 miles!   Jini snapped this picture leaning over from the passenger’s seat.







I started thinking about how many of us are in the habit of counting things, but sometimes forget what we can count on.  Although “The Beast” is also a thing, it is always dependable, and brings me a certain sense of security.

I started thinking about all the diferrent things I can count on.  There are so many, but I’ll share a partial list:

The love of my children, the sweet smell of double-delight roses, feeling serene at sunset, sharing the ups and downs of life with those I love and trust, and the comfort I get from sitting around a table over a delicious meal with family and friends.  

Just like “The Beast”, I can always count on these precious things.

Take a moment of gratitude to think about what you can count on.

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