Jun 20th

The Treasure of Friends

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I am blessed to have sweet, considerate, thoughtful, intelligent and caring friends.

Sometimes we go to the theatre together, sometimes we go on trips, sometimes we walk for miles and miles. Often our social time together consists of cooking a meal together, having a little wine, and just talking leisurely about whatever is happening in our lives.  Many times, our visits together last many hours long.

I’m sure I echo the thoughts of a lot of people who feel these kinds of magical dinner events with friends deeply enhances their outlook on life. Having a shared meal with a friend is like finding a treasure box you keep tucked away in your closet. When you open it up, you are reminded of all the past times together, and you know this meal together will be adding to your box of joyful memories.

What special friend fills up your Shared-Meal treasure box?

If it’s been a while since you’ve had one of those long, luxury catch-up meals with a friend, take a moment to reach out and plan a shared-meal together.

If you have a friend you’d like to pay tribute to, Share it here…tell me about your shared meals together.




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