Aug 9th

The Company You Keep

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Happy Friday!  I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my book which will be released shortly (details soon).  In the book I talk about making your shared-meal practice the most joyful it can be, including selecting the company you keep.

In the past, I’ve sometimes made decisions to spend time or share a meal with someone because I felt it was the expected thing to do because of circumstances in which I might see or spend time with this person in the future.  As I’ve thought more carefully about how precious time can be, I’ve set new standards for the company I keep.  This statement may sound harsh, but when you think about it, I’m advocating that we make the most of our lives.  It’s always great to make new friends,  just be mindful if that new friendship is mutually beneficial and warrants spending more time together.



When you find yourself planning the next dinner, the next hike, or the next vacation…carefully consider who you would like to be with to make the best of the experience.

Have a fun weekend!



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