May 21st

Taking Back the Reins

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Hello Everyone!

If you’re like me, once Monday comes around, you need to use time management strategies in order to be able to get through the week in an organized manner.  The good thing about life is that there are so many fun and exciting things we can do each day.  We’re lucky — the choices are endless.  The unfortunate thing is that we often feel we don’t have enough time.  So, we have to set priorities, make choices from the menu of life, and then find ways to achieve those priorities.  Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really just about valuing yourself enough to make a plan, and regarding time as something you are not a slave to, but rather, a partner in living a joyful life.

"Priorities" Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

Here’s an article I wrote recently for dotcomplicated. Let me know what you think about it when you have a chance.


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