Jun 5th

Sweet Freedom

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Do you ever find yourself wanting to break free from the confines of a recipe, and see what happens?  It might be a phase I’m in, but lately I’ve been finding I like to ‘wing it’ in the kitchen frequently.

Recently I made some quinoa, sweet potato, masala patties (which turned out great, really flavorful, although my daughter thought they might have been a little too sweet for her).  I decided I wanted to mix it up, so I tried red lentils and spinach, with the same spices.  These were just as delicious.

Last night, I decided to toss in small orange cubes (about 1/2 inch) into a salad of arugula and pistachios, and gave it a good toss (so some of the orange bits would juice up a bit).  Then, I added a little bit of flash-grilled, lean roast beef.  Instead of cold, deli roast beef I’ve used in salad recipes, I thought I would warm it to see how that worked over the arugula.  I also left off the dressing and instead drizzled a little bit of olive oil, and a small amount (tablespoon) or freshly chopped sage over the top as well.  A friend came by after work and we gobbled this salad up pretty quickly!

CreativityI say this a lot because it’s so true for me:

I love cooking in my kitchen better than going out to restaurants because at home you have the freedom to create whatever you like. 

So, use a recipe, don’t use a recipe, or modify it.

Just let your imagination help you to find new ingredients you haven’t ever thought of pairing before. See see what magic happens! 


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