Jan 27th

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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Here’s an article I spotted in The Washington Post by Casey Seidenberg about healthier eating and resolutions.  I appreciate and encourage many of the same ideas: recognizing each family is different, taking time to think about what’s working and what’s not, being realistic with your goal setting, and perhaps most important. . . forgetting perfection!

For some it might be switching your kids from drinking juice to water, or eating more meals together as a family. For others it might be learning how to cook leafy greens, revamping breakfast to include more healthful proteins, or curbing a sweet tooth. We are all so different.

healthyeatingLove the plug that Seidenberg offers about eating more meals together. Certainly, a community of people working towards the same goal of eating healthier and living their priorities will go a long way to support your goal than if you were out there making a go of it alone.

Have you and your family been discussing goals of eating healthier and eating together more often? Please share your ideas and stories!

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