Apr 30th

Shared meals starting (very) young

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About a month ago I posted a picture of my niece (in-law), Liz. Every week of her pregnancy, she created a weekly chalkboard drawing highlighting how big the baby is at that week (using food references).  This picture was posted yesterday, 1 day before she gave birth (although the baby was considered a little past 38 weeks, per the doctor).


Here’s a recent picture last week of CJ and Liz (did I mention Liz is a photographer?)

CJandLizAnd just yesterday, Liz gave birth to their son…

Meet…Thayer James Archambeault

ThayerJamesLiz and CJ have a shared meal every day together and can’t wait to have meals with Thayer, too.

Whether the mother is breastfeeding or the mother/father bottlefeed their child, that is really their first shared meal. What could be sweeter?  I recommend starting to treat meal times for the child as a sacred event right from the start, in a relaxing and joyful environment, and incorporating at least one meal a day as the baby/toddler grows to create childhood shared meal experiences, and lifelong habits.

My brother Carl (who is also my twin) is such a proud Grandpa!

Thayer weighed in at 7 lbs, 11 oz. Liz had a very quick delivery; she entered the hospital after her water broke around 3pm and the baby delivered at 5:14pm.

CJ and Liz are from Green Bay, WI, so he’s already styling in his Packers outfit–love the little cheesehead on top of his cap!ThayerGreenBay

Congratulations to Carl and Liz, and every new parent welcoming a new baby into their family.

If you’d like to read more about the importance of sharing meals, and get tips to help you start a shared-meal plan for your family, visit my site here: The Shared-Meal Revolution www.shared-meals.com/tools


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