Jun 25th

Politics at the dinner table

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It might be tempting to showcase your political knowledge to friends or family members around the dinner table.  You might think there is no harm in offering your view on voting rights, climate change, the NSA controversy, the George Zimmerman trial, or dozens of other topics.

While it’s certainly important to be civic-minded (which includes being informed about political issues, and sharing in respectful, open, healthy debate), it’s a good idea to keep politics off the dinner table.  In my family, politic-free dinners have been the norm, and for good reason.  Political conversations can get heavy and over-passionate pretty quickly which may lead to alienating or hurting the feelings of someone you love.  So, why do it?


There’s plenty of time outside the dinner table to discuss/consider how your views may differ, and perhaps more importantly, agree upon the ways your ideas and policies are the same (there are so many, although bipartisanship doesn’t often make the news).

So please, let’s be peaceful at the dinner table, and save the political jarring for the pundits.







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