May 14th

“How can you be such a nice person?”

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I had lunch recently with a former colleague and dear friend.  Cassie and I have the kind of friendship where I might not see her for a year and then, spontaneously, we are sitting across from each other, with huge grins laughing our faces off at something one of us said, picking up on the conversation as if we saw each other yesterday.  We speak at a rapid-fire pace with lots of exclamations(!) to punctuate the end of our sentences. Whenever Cassie talk about her husband, George, she always says the same thing about him: “He always makes me laugh.”  Through all the years I’ve known her, I’ve so admired that she has such a solid friendship with George.

To me, the key to a successful relationship is to keep each other laughing.

We talk about everything under the sun, including our children and all the “wisdom” (we think) we’ve given them over the years.  As we were walking to our cars after lunch (still laughing), I said to Cassie, “How can you be such a nice person?” Without missing a beat, Cassie eagerly offered, “I always tell my kids that I’m one of the three nicest people you will ever meet.  They ask me, ‘Who are the other two’? And I always say, “Don’t ask me! That’s for you to figure out!”




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