Jan 30th

New study shows ‘kids unlikely to outgrow baby fat’

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A new study by the New England Journal of Medicine was just published regarding obesity.  The study emphasizes the  importance of healthy lifestyle messages from an early age, and role modeling by parents.  And as a new U.S. News article reports, “Five-year-olds who carry around extra weight may face four times the risk of being obese at 14, compared to their normal-weight peers, the study found.” Having a shared-meal ritual with your children, starting from the very earliest of ages, makes good sense to prevent a pattern of obesity into their teen and adult years.

Here’s the full U.S. News article if you’d like to read more:


Since I discuss this topic in some detail in my book The Shared-Meal Revolution (in the chapter about “physical development benefits”), I wanted to share with you an excerpt from my book.  Sharing meals with your family, or with anyone who focuses on generally eating healthy, only further enhances your shared-meal experience. 


Here’s the excerpt from my new book The Shared-Meal Revolution:

“Parents may not serve the most nutritious meals 100 percent of the time, but dinner together gives parents a regular venue to talk about good nutrition, acceptable portion sizes, and the use of food as energy. Most importantly, according to Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, associate professor of clinical pediatrics and medicine at the New York Presbyterian Hospital at Columbia University, when parents select nutritious food in the presence of their children, it is a far more effective method than simply talking about abstract rules. Parents don’t need to demonize fatty or sugary foods to teach that such foods are best eaten sparingly; they need only serve these foods in small quantities to send that message. Adults who demonstrate moderation, pleasure, and mindfulness when eating can help children build a healthy, lifelong relationship with food. This role modeling will help counteract the powerful media influence of unhealthy food products.”

To learn more about this topic, and many other benefits available through a shared-meal ritual, please join The Shared-Meal Revolution here:   www.shared-meals.com


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