Nov 12th

“Magically Delicious”

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The other night my friend Angela prepared a wonderful meal for the two of us, and her granddaughter, Cyan.  She started with some homemade bruschetta.  This bruschetta was SO delicious that I made the mistake on filling up on those before we came to the main course, specially seasoned and marinated pork chops.  Because my appetite was already satisfied on the bruschetta, I knew I could not eat a whole pork chop. I suggested to Angela that we split it.  So we did and each bite was more delicious than the last.  When I wrote her a thank you note following our meal, I mentioned that perhaps it was weird that I asked to split the pork chop (I hoped that the gesture wasn’t rude, and I wanted to assure her it was no indication on how tasty the pork chops were).  I went on in my email to say, “In fact, the meal was “magically delicious.”  I don’t know why that phrase (linked to the famous cereal Lucky Charms) came through my hands as I was typing, but I guess I was looking for a new way to adequately describe my appreciation.  She emailed me back saying “LOL!!!!” so I could tell that my comment made her feel appreciated.

Magically Delicious

I’m on a search for more descriptive words to help me properly describe how much I love a dish someone creates.

In a shared-meal ritual, each time you sit down with someone, it’s a special occasion, so it’s not just describing the food, it’s describing the experience. It really does make sense that I chose the word “magically.”  

I’d love to hear any stories you have about times you’ve used unique phrases to describe a dish or a meal someone created for you.







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