Jan 8th

What’s a sign that you love yourself?

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I believe that most of us work very hard to effect the best intentions we have for our lives.  Still, in this complicated world, our focus can be become very blurry as January, February, and the months pass.

It remains a popular idea to start the new year with resolutions.  Many people believe this will help them see their goals with renewed clarity.  I generally feel that resolutions can be useful in the right circumstances, but they’re not for everyone.  I tend to make one or two intentions instead each year (this year I’m focusing on more hiking and a little less worrying, something I did too much in 2013). Whether you choose to formalize any resolutions or intentions, it is important to our personal growth to set some goals. It keeps us honest with with our actions.

It comes down to this:   Taking steps to meet goals you set for yourself are a sign that you love yourself.

LoveYourselfIf you’re like me, reminders (such as this one pictured here) seem to appear out of nowhere. I spotted this on a sidewalk in a San Diego, CA neighborhood a few months ago.  These reminders help to turn on that little (and often sensible) voice which urges you to slow down and evaluate how you are spending your time. These messages re-ignite your commitment to your intentions.

But even if you don’t see a blatant sign like this as you are walking down the street, keeping a plan fresh for how you will love yourself just a little (or a lot) each and every day, will help you truly make the most of your year.

As you know from reading my blogs or my book, I feel strongly about the value and benefits of a shared-meal ritual. In fact, I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate how to love yourself than sharing a delicious meal with someone you love.

If you’re still looking for a goal for 2014, consider a shared-meal ritual as a fruitful, satisfying, and spectacularly generous way to love yourself, and others, every day. 

For more information about my book, and to join The Shared-Meal Revolution, please visit my website at www.shared-meals.com.  I’d love to connect with you.

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