Feb 7th

Laugh and Learn

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“Laughter is the closest distance between two people.” I love this Victor Borge quote because I find it to be so true!

Sometimes we may feel that deep, “meaning-of-life” conversations are the best course to bring us closer to another, but actually, I think laughter is the unsung hero of creating personal bonds. How many times have you had a challenging Laughterconversation with someone at work or at home, only to discover that creating a chuckle disarms you both and puts everything in perspective? There’s an effortless connection you can make with someone over laughter, whether it’s a smile over something amusing or gut-busting joy. I find that through creating opportunities for laughter, I grow, flourish, and learn.

Growing up in a family with 10 brothers and sisters, we had many opportunities to laugh with one another on topics of every day life in a home crowded with children. My most treasured memories from my childhood are enjoying a dinner together, laughing away at something someone said or a story about their day. It surely sealed a bond for the 13 (my parents included) of us at the table. Luckily for us, research backs up what we all can feel in our bones, that laughter is beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.

Have a wonderful day. . .and keep laughing!

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