Sep 17th

Co-living and Co-working at “Casa Neutral” (Would you consider this?)

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I read this article recently about “Casa Neutral”, a co-living/co-working community in Matera, Italy (the largest major city near Matera is Naples. On a map of Italy, Matera would be near the ‘ankle’ of the boot).  It seems the co-founders are exploring something very interesting.

As you’ll read in the article, they founded “Casa Neutral” as a way to explore the revitalization of rural communities (suggesting that big ideas do not just come from big cities and organizations; rural communities can be quite vital), and look for opportunities for a different kind of collaboration and connection.  By co-living/co-working, they create a culture in which people “slow down and focus on the people” in their environment.  They claim that this type of environment can create a free-flow of ideas, inspiration and comraderie. No doubt, relationships could be nurtured and strengthened.

Click Here for article about Co-living/Co-working

Seems like it would be a tricky but exciting adventure, and certainly the personalities of the various people involved in the co-community would be a factor, but I think these types of “sharing” lifestyles have a lot of merit.  Meals are celebrated together, and other lifestyle events are shared too. This seemed to be an idea that would work much better for single people or couples.


The “slow down and focus on the people” idea obviously caught my attention as this is exactly what I’m a proponent of doing in our homes here in the U.S.

So even if you are someone who would never want to do a co-living/co-working arrangement, consider the merits of slowing down in your homes and in your work, eating meals together, enjoying social time together, and realizing how investing in relationships can inspire your life.





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