Dec 11th

A world where children are veggie-literate

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Some causes are worth talking about often.  One such cause is being driven by acclaimed Chef and Author Alice Waters’ and her Edible Schoolyard Project.  Ms. Waters oversees the Edible Schoolyard Project which is a non-profit organization, founded in 1995 in Berkeley, California.edibleschool

The mission of the ESP is to get children involved with gardening, preparing, and serving food, while developing an appreciation for how whole food nourishes you, as well as bringing people together through community of sharing food.  By including these activities in school curriculum, children integrate this knowledge into their lifestyle and habits.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, and certainly promising for the health of our communities, if this type of project was everywhere across America, and then the rest of the world?

As Alice Waters says:  “How we eat can change the world.”

I certainly agree!

CLICK on this link for more information about The Edible Schoolyard project.  I support them and hope you will too.


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