Dec 3rd

The Eyes Have It

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I started taking a Tai Chi class earlier this year.   The leader of the group is this wonderful man named Robert.  He’s so patient and goes out of his way to do the little special things that count, such as welcome people who are new to the class and find out a little bit about them.

As we are beginning our warm-up, Robert typically talks about something that’s been going on in the world, or in his life, or with someone in the class.  Throughout the class, he weaves in stories (in a narrative style) about the various moves we are doing, to help us remember the form, but also to enrich the experience.

What I enjoy most about this class however, is the last two minutes. It’s then that Robert has us stretch our arms wide open and smile a gigantic smile (stretching our smile muscles as part of our routine.)

Then, he makes a powerful statement, a reminder and the highlight of the class:

“Now, keep that smile behind your eyes all day. You’ll notice how it lifts your spirits, as well as those who interact with you.”

smileeyesWe don’t have to wait for an instruction from a Tai Chi class (or any other type of direction) to remind us to put a smile behind our eyes.

Think about how putting forth your beautiful set of smiling eyes will help to elevate the positive energy of any environment.



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