Sep 25th

Don’t Be Afraid of the Space…

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…between dreams and your reality.  I truly love this image.

It’s what I would call “juicy”.  It stirs in me emotions of how I feel when I spend time dreaming about the areas in which I’m developing and growing as a woman and a mother.  For example, I would like to speak Italian fluently, and I imagine having an free-flowing conversation with a friend, enjoying how musical the syllables will feel as I converse.  I enjoy painting and visualize what I’ll create the next time I’m painting a dinner platter or gift for a friend.  Last week, I spent time considering where I would like to travel with my children, the places we will see, the people we will meet, and all the wonderful meals we will share with interesting people along the way.

It’s so very easy to get caught up in the operations of our busy lives.  Sometimes when we stop to daydream we become uncomfortable because we don’t think we can afford the luxury of dreaming.  We’re afraid of how it might upset the flow of our procedural schedule if we stop to dream about something big, or even something little.

Many people I talk with are neglecting to keep their dreams nurtured. They are denying the spiritual part of themselves–that part that is in touch with fulfillment and pleasure–that part that helps them to feel truly alive.

That’s such a tragedy because if we don’t spend time thinking about our dreams, and have the opportunity to share those dreams with people we love, we are without the anchor we need in a sometimes very turbulent ocean of life.



So, don’t be afraid of that space in which you devise your dreams.  Let yourself get nice and cozy there.

Twirl around some ideas in your mind every day and decide what you will set your focus on next.

It’s where the magic of making a better reality for yourself starts.


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