Jan 15th

Do You Do “Meatless Monday”?

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I love the “Meatless Monday” movement because I think it makes a lot of sense for the environment that we limit our intake of meat. There are also plenty in the medical field who say that less meat means leaner and healthier bodies. For me, I haven’t naturally loved tofu, but I’m finding the more I literally handle it, the more comfortable I become cooking with it. I had to get used to the various textures (I prefer firm at this point). It’s easy to add flavor so it’s versatile, and it’s a fairly inexpensive way to get your protein.
TofuAlso, if you shop once a week, it seems to stay fresh a while longer than meat. Overall, I just feel lighter and healthier when I do “meatless,” so I’m going to keep trying to find ways to prepare it that appeal to my taste buds. It’s not something I’m wanting to do every day, but Monday, you’ve got my vote for a “meatless” day.
I’m reviewing a few books on this topic and will have some titles to refer to you on a future Monday. In the meantime, what are your thoughts about “Meatless Monday”? Are you trying to do this? If so, what is the main impetus for you? How’s it going for you?
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