Feb 26th

“Children see. Children do.”

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Here’s a commercial illustrating the power of parent or adult role modeling. Sounds from the accents of the actors it was filmed outside of the United States, but the origin is not relevant, since these same concepts apply.

Being a parent, or a grandparent (or aunt, uncle, teacher or leader), is an awesome responsiblity. While this video is stark representation of the worst in people, these are everyday life issues that do occur.  And, children, in particular, are influenced. As the wise saying goes, “Children learn what they live.”

It’s always a good time to ask ourselves:

  • What behaviors are we showing to someone who looks up to us?
  • What attributes do we value over others?
  • What priorities are we truly living on a daily basis?
  • In what ways do we demonstrate our commitment to our children and family?


That’s up to each of us to answer.

But be clear that every action we demonstrate (or don’t demonstrate) is sending a message about our character. These actions also shape our society.  So, if we want a civil society now, and in generations to come, be mindful that our behavior matters, and choose to act with care, respect, and love.

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