Sep 28th

Breaking Bad

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I know tonight is the series finale for the TV series “Breaking Bad.”  With all the hype about the show, I couldn’t help but think about the topic of creating good habits and breaking bad ones.

Have you found yourself in a rut eating from the drive-thru or heating up a microwave box while you check your email every night?  Are the people you love scattered about your house, each doing their own thing on whatever tech device, and completely skipping the idea of sharing a relaxed meal and some fun conversation?

We’re heading towards the season of holidays. This is typically the time when people start planning Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday events.  It seems we can find a way to be “good” for these events and make commitments to collaborate on the planning and sharing of meals.

Bad habits


Why wait for the holidays to arrive to develop good habits about your shared meals?

In reality, there’s nothing “bad” about getting caught up in our busy schedules, trying to do all that we are responsible to do.  But let’s shift our mindset towards being “good” and “bad” to simply trying to find more joy and happiness with those we love.

A great place to start for the type of interpersonal connection you crave (and makes our lives feel meaningful) is through one daily shared meal.









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