Apr 16th

Be a Helper

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In light of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon yesterday, I think we can all agree we can’t stop disasters from occurring, but we can take some comfort in being ‘helped’ by others, and by being a ‘helper’ ourselves, rising to the occasion to ease the pain or provide support for others.

Take a look at this statement by the inimitable Mr. Rogers:


Mr. Rogers is right.  There are ‘helpers’ out there.  We should all look for them, and think about how we can become a helper to someone else, too.

Take a moment to think about what you’ll do today.  Maybe it’s spending an extra fifteen minutes helping your sister figure out an algebra problem, or taking out the trash without waiting for your parent to ask you.  Another fine way to be a helper is to make plans to share a meal.  Sharing a meal with someone  gives you the opportunity to listen with interest, support with compassion, and be present for those you love.

Life is indeed short.  Make it count by ‘helping’ others in everyday activities.

Let’s not wait for the next tragedy to remind us of the profound importance of nurturing relationships.

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