Mar 7th

Are You Living a “Juicy” Life?

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About 12 years ago, I was a singer in a band. Our guitarist, a guy named Toshi, a recruit from a local music school who spoke very little English, didn’t have too much to say as we were running through tunes during rehearsal. He would quietly groove along, at times, seeming to be lost in his own world. To gauge his agreement that we were on track with a song and that he was feeling good about his guitar parts, our band leader would say, “How was that for you, Toshi?” and Toshi, if he felt the song was sounding good, would nod emphatically and say, “Juicy”.  The room of musicians would erupt in laughter, smiles, and appreciation of his response, and it came to be a refreshing ritual we all enjoyed.

On one rehearsal break, I asked Toshi about his use of the word “juicy” and he said simply ,

“Love life – try to make it always juicy.”

The word juicy has been a meaningful metaphor to me since. When I see myself starting to fall into the trap of a mundane and overburdened schedule, I ask myself if I’m being mindful of life’s juiciness. One of the ways I live a juicy life is by sharing a meal at least once a day with someone special. It’s when I feel most invigorated and appreciate life to the fullest.

What do you do to keep your life “juicy”?

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