Apr 12th

Are you having ‘bad weather’ in the kitchen? For your sake, I hope so!

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This morning I was juicing with a neighbor, a sweet Vietnam vet named Jack.  Jack is one of those versatile people who loves good books, gardening, talking about history, and spotting great TV/film.  For example, when Downton Abbey first showed up on the scene (before anyone was talking about it), Jack had printed color flyers to hand out to folks in our neighborhood because he had seen a screening and knew it was quality programming he wanted to share.  In fact, he’s generous about sharing art and all things of beauty.  He sometimes leaves a beautiful new plant on my doorstep for no particular reason.  He’s generous with all the neighbors.  I check his mail and keep an eye on his home for him when he travels out of town.  One thing I particularly appreciate is that Jack has a green thumb and always revives my plants if I over or underwater them. 

I was so pleased to have an opportunity to share something of beauty, my new juicing habit, with my buddy Jack.

So we set out to juice some kale, a big bunch of celery, some apples, pears, and ginger root.  I pulled out my Breville juicer and we started pushing the vegetables down through the chute.  The chute in which you push the vegetables through to grind and make juice creates a wind tunnel.  Depending on the vegetable you are pushing through, sometimes you have to move quickly or the vegetable could get trapped in the wind and fly out. I cut my kale in 2 inch pieces, so that’s what I had on hand.  This morning, when we were putting the kale in the chute, some of the pieces were caught up a bit in the wind and flew out of the top, like being swept up in a tornado!  Jack and I had a lot of fun strategically trying to get the leaves quickly back into the juicer!  We laughed and laughed and thought it obviously looked like a “kale storm”! We finished juicing the other vegetables, and realized we had created a bit of a mess, but we had such a fun time, it didn’t matter!  We poured ourselves a victory glass of this delicious, refreshing juice.  So good!! 

Here’s a picture.  Isn’t it such a rich green color?  I happen to like kale, but if I didn’t, I might still use it because the color is so attractive! 


I consider creating ‘juice’ meals with friends a wonderful ‘shared meal’ as well.  And if you are juicing for breakfast, what an exciting way to start the day. 

The moral of the story here is don’t worry about ‘bad weather’ in the kitchen.  Get in there and create and storm–get messy, have fun, create memories, and laugh!     


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