Feb 28th

“A Place at the Table”

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Sharing at least one meal a day with someone is the mission of my book and my project.

But for others in America, sharing a meal is an anxiety-ridden subject. Food scarcity and being able to afford any nutritious food is a daily crisis. Adults and children are going hungry or don’t know for sure when they will get their next meal.  Or they are forced to eat junk food because it’s all they have access to or can afford.  We cannot ignore this current health crisis just because it’s uncomfortable to think about, or because it may not affect us personally.  None of us would want to send our children hungry to school, unable to focus because all they can think about is when they are going to eat.  Nor would we want anyone we know to suffer, on a daily basis, because of a lack of healthy food.

A new movie is going to be released tomorrow called “A Place at the Table”.  It’s a documentary that examines the causes and effects of food insecurity. It also offers ways to address this large-scale problem in America. As they put it, it’s “solvable”.

Please, watch this trailer, and find this movie in a local theatre starting tomorrow March 1st.  If you can’t find it, download it on iTunes.

Just please get involved. 

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