Apr 23rd

A little of this, a little of that…

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I absolutely love the idea of “repurposing” food.

Over the weekend, I was a grillin’ fool.  I grilled fresh asparagus, thin slices of onion, and thick slices of tomato.   I also grilled some fresh pineapple chunks on skewers.  My friend and I enjoyed the warm grilled veggies over rice, and for dessert, munched on the pineapple spears (fruit is wonderful grilled, and I added a few drips of honey for gooeyness).

Today I’m getting together with a friend after work for a quick hike after work, and then a light picnic. This morning, while I cooked some orzo, I cut up the remaining (weekend leftover) grilled asparagus, and a tiny bit of onion and tomatoes, into very small bites.  Then when the orzo was cooked, I rinsed it with cold water, added the cold vegetables, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.  The orzo stands up really well as a cold salad and I really like the texture of this particular Italian pasta.

I put my new pasta dish in a container where it will chill for the day and be a refreshing salad for our picnic at dusk.  I also packed a container of plain greek yogurt, a few bites of grilled pineapple I had from Sunday’s dinner, and a small handful of granola.  Adding the yogurt and granola made a new dessert, too.

OrzoI easily created two meals from one. You might be surprised at how easy you can do this too using just a little of something left over from a prior meal. Just add a new ingredient (like I did with the orzo) and it transforms the meal into something fresh.

“Repurposing” ideas helps to make your menu planning easy, and it has the added benefit of stretching your food budget as well.  Plus, it’s just fun!

Give it a try, and share your ideas with me.  I’d love to hear what new and inspiring dishes you created using this ‘repurposed’ idea!





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