Jul 18th

A Helping Hand

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Sometimes we look for material things to give to people to help ease whatever burden they may have.  It’s become sort of a knee-jerk reaction in American culture.  I’ve done this in past times. Although any gesture to help out a family member or friend is always a wonderful thing to do, it’s also good to think about something you can do rather than give.


A few days ago, I sensed that a friend just needed to have a lighter load.  She’d been working a lot of hours in the office, dealing with a difficult client. She’d been planning an event for a family member and she was up to her eyeballs in the details.  So I offered to make dinner for her.  She’s a great cook so I was a little nervous but I decided to carry on and let my intentions for a relaxed evening for her be where I focused my energy.

Our dinner turned out great.  Delicious and stress-free.

What better way to use my helping hands than in the kitchen preparing a meal for someone I care about.

My friend was very appreciative of the gesture.   She’s the type of person who is always (always) doing for someone else, and I felt privileged to give her the gift of a helping hand — in this case, the simple act of making a meal for her.

Think about how you can extend yourself to help out someone else today.  Just by having your radar up to what someone else may need is where you’ll get your inspiration.


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