Media Gallery


Here you’ll find a sampling of some of my favorite articles and interviews:


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Why Shared Meals (Still) Matter (Rediscovered Families/Guest Blog)

Being Intentional About Meal Times (So They Can Fly/Guest Blog)

The Literacy Benefits of Family Meals (Growing Book by Book/Guest Blog)


What’s On My Nightstand? (Interview by

Why Meals Together Really Do Matter (Interview by Daily Parent)


I love to see how others are enjoying their shared-meal practice and sharing these vital moments with family and friends.   If you’d like to contribute a photo to this gallery, please email me with your images, along with any details you wish to share about the event.

Note: When you send in a photo, please keep in mind that I might also share it on Facebook.

Custom Dining Platters to Inspire You

Here are a few dining platters I created for some family and friends.  Adding that personal touch makes the dining experience that much more memorable, so let these images inspire you to create a platter or bowl, a table setting, or an entire dining space which represents you!