Exercises & Tools

toolsexercisesI’ve included 16 post-chapter exercises in my book, The Shared-Meal Revolution.  Here are a few exercises as a preview of the type of material you will find.

These are available to you (below) in a PDF format to conveniently print and use.  Enjoy!



Soup’s On

This exercise appears early on in The Shared-Meal Revolution and will help you to get in touch with your childhood memories with sharing meals. You’ll need a journal or computer to write your answers.

Download the Exercise

Spilling the Beans

This series of exercises offers thought-provoking ways to help you build upon important socialization skills through shared meals and creates a vivid picture of the social elements during meals.

Download the Exercise


Frequency Survey

Find out how many times a week you’re sharing meals through this handy tool. Track for two weeks and take note of what’s keeping you from shared meals, and consider how you can increase the amount of times you are gathering for a meal with loved ones.

Download the Survey

Customized Menu Template

Use this template to prepare a customized meal menu. Here’s one idea: edit, print on colored paper, and place the menu on the center of each plate as you dress the table. People love seeing their name and dish on the menu. It makes the occasion special even before you start eating!

Download this Menu

Build-A-Meal Planner Template

What’s for dinner? Use this planner to give you quick ideas of your own creation, instead of a recipe. Choose an item (or two)  from each category (carbs, proteins, veggies, etc.) and build a meal without any fuss! Use it spontaneously, or as a weekly planner.

Download a Planner Template