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You don’t need to lead a revolution.
You don’t need to want to change the world.
You don’t even need to instruct your audience.

All you need?

Is the desire to connect on a deeper level.

Because while you’ve been trying to foster growth and connection inside your organization, there’s a revolution of people connecting over delicious conversation — no stress added.

I’m Carol Archambeault, creator of The Shared-Meal Revolution. I’m also a mom, author, and dual citizen of Italy. I’m passionate about human connection. And I’ve used the model of a shared meal to foster connection and nurture relationships inside my own family, and to help others throughout the world.

Today, schedules are so fast moving, we barely have time to eat our fast food standing up. We go from appointment to appointment, with eating and nourishing ourselves as a second, third, fourth, or even fifth thought on the priority list.

What happens when we prioritize everything else over connection with those we love, over a meal?

We sink into our phones.
We feel alone.
We desire connection — and only know that we’re feeling unfulfilled with how we’re connecting at the present moment.
We eat foods because of convenience — not because of health, taste, or preparation.

It’s time to stop.

There can be a world where we connect over a table, with people we love, and share our hearts, dreams, minds, and days with each other. We can share a delicious meal, and be able to connect with each other, take care of ourselves, and meet our nutritional needs at the same time.

Talking about sharing a meal together is my passion. I’d love to bring that passion to the friends, colleagues, and people you love that you call family.

I can’t wait to connect with you.

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