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Meet Carol

Carol Archambeault believes a daily shared-meal ritual can help families stay connected, slow down for one time a day, and experience daily joy.  She has a twin brother and grew up in Connecticut with 10 brothers and sisters. Her family’s meal ritual growing up had such an impact on her, she decided to research it while she earned her Master of Arts in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College.

A dual citizen of Italy, Carol currently resides in southern California where she continues to enjoy daily meals with her daughter Jini, her son, John. She enjoys pistachio anything, and making a fun mess in her kitchen with people she loves.

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A shared meal can leave a legacy that lasts through generations.

You don’t have to know how to start, where to find ideas, or why a shared meal is important. All you need is the desire to connect on a deeper level with the loved ones around you.

Because life is short, and it’s our job to find joy and leave an impact — through relationships with people we care for.

After growing up with a legacy of shared meals, I passed it down to my children — who are now doing the same.  We remain connected through the happy times and the challenging ones too, because of our strong relationships, ability to communicate, and our openness with each other.

The best part?

These relationships were nurtured over a dinner table, around delicious food and open hearts.  We made it a point to connect over a meal, and the results and benefits have been immeasurable.

The Shared-Meal Revolution will show you how to start the most important tradition in your household, and how you can pass such a loving legacy on to your future generations.

You can connect as a family over simple, delicious, nourishing foods
— and fill up your belly, and your heart.


Here’s what people are saying about the book:

“Sign me up for the Revolution!  I’m ready to share! Your work shows that dedication to connecting with people excites you directly, for many reasons. Thanks for encouraging us to do the same as a lifestyle. Your suggestions are clear and make sharing a meal seem uncomplicated, and rewarding. Sounds delicious. I think I’ll have some!”

“Home run! Run home for a meal with your family. Use the super tools to help jump start the meal change and conversation. I think you will be amazed. Thank you Carol for your passion and commitment to this important ritual.”

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