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Nov 25th

“What If….?” Give yourself permission to have a “holiday” meal every day

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We really don’t have to limit ourselves to 3 or 4 truly wonderful meals a year.


Shortly after Halloween, people start getting energy about the holiday season approaching.

One of the activities that people spend a lot of time and energy on is gathering together for holiday meals.

It’s this time of year when people are most cooperative…

“What can I bring?”

“How can I help?”

“Would you like me to cook something?”

“What time works for everyone’s schedule?”


It’s pretty amazing, right?


Although holiday meals require people to plan and do some ‘work’ for the meal, in general, the spirit of these meals are cooperative, and open.

There’s a feeling of anticipation.

The mood is lighthearted.

There’s a feeling of welcoming and inclusion.

People gathered are civil and respectful.

There’s gratitude flowing for taking the time to be together to share the meal, and experience.

What if… these thoughtful, cooperative habits were continued throughout 365 days of the year?

What if… we had at least 1 meal a day with someone we care about in which we bring that same great spirit of cooperation, joy and connection?

What if…we gave ourselves permission to have a “holiday” meal each and every day?

Don’t you feel you deserve it?  I know I do.

And I know you deserve it too.


Life should not be just about work and obligations.  We need to feel connection with others, and experience one time a day when we are caring for ourselves too.

We can provide that all around caring by sharing a meal, once a day.


Many people reading this post will think it’s insane to consider doing this, but the truth is, it is not.

It’s totally achievable to start (or renew) a shared-meal ritual in your home that will provide you with a daily dose of Thanksgiving.

It only requires your desire to stay connected with others in meaningful, consistent ways, and with the plan of pitching in to help each other.

It’s really that simple.

When you create a plan that’s right for you, it won’t feel like 360+ days of work.  You’ll feel alive and joyful.


If you’d like to learn more about joining The Shared-Meal Revolution, see my book here, and check out my website resources for helpful info.  You can also write to me at any time. I’d love to hear from you!

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Nov 11th

“Give Beets a Chance”

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I just love them.

How about you?


My kids have commented they “taste like dirt” to which I always reply,  “OK…I accept that…they are earthy…”   Beets aren’t for everyone, but you won’t know until you try them!


The glorious, rich colors (especially the traditional red) make me downright giddy, and more importantly they are super healthy...

Here are a few great reasons to feature beets on your shared-meal menu.  They are…

  • Nutrient rich (calcium, magneisum, fiber, folate to name just a few)
  • Cleanse your body of toxins
  • Help prevent chronic diseases
  • Encourage positive mental health, and regulate nerve cell activity


Try these fabulous, versatile beet recipes from Family Focus Blog – there’s everything from beet burgers to beet fudgesicles (that’s right!)


Introducing a variety of vegetables to your shared-meal table helps children develop their palate through getting to try a wide variety of tastes and textures. Sometimes people don’t care for a vegetable one time, but at a later time it becomes their new favorite.   

Beets are delicious served in cube shapes in salad or as a side dish. The color makes them attractive to work with, too.


In the immortal spirit of John Lennon, please join me in saying…

“Give Beets a Chance”


If you’d like to learn more about making healthy eating a part of your shared-meal practice, visit my website for more information, or write to me at


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Nov 5th

Go ahead and say it. Life is hard sometimes.

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Recently I participated in a book event. While having conversations with people in attendance about the importance of sharing a meal one time a day, many people commented about how complex life has become.

As I told the nice people I met this day, I wholeheartedly agree that life has become more complex, in a million different ways.

Life being so complex is the very reason I wrote my book.

My mission is to help people address the complexities of their schedules and lifestyles so they can give themselves the gift of a daily shared meal.

My book The Shared-Meal Revolution doesn’t pretend that the challenges we all face in getting meals together don’t exist, but rather provides a new way to address the challenges, and look at the shared-meal experience and various related activities as an investment in ourselves, our families, and communities.

It’s about people working together.  Cooperatively, and with a plan.

Not trying to navigate the ever-increasing complexity by sheer will power.

And not by assuming that women are the default producers of meals.

I read an article in TIME magazine recently about science-based ways to be happier. One  idea that caught my eye was this:

“Acknowledging the complexity of life may be an especially fruitful path to well being.”

Let’s collectively acknowledge that getting a meal on the table every day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, for your family, your kids, your friends, your neighbors…whatever your circumstances may be, does have its challenges.

But creating a shared-meal ritual, one time a day, is possible.


Practicing a daily shared-meal ritual brings you many benefits that you enjoy year over year including psychological stability in our complex, often fragmented world, and a comforting feeling of connection.  Taking the time to share a meal every day makes life feel more simple.

All you need do is turn on the TV any day to how our world is full of partisanship and divide.

Sharing a meal daily is one workable way we can come together for the common good.

Join me.


If you’d like to learn more about addressing obstacles in your life that keep you from sharing meals with others, see The Shared-Meal Revolution (book) or visit my website. You can also reach me at with any questions or comments.

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