Share one meal a day<br/> to regain balance and joy. Tips on making shared meals happen! Get kids in the kitchen<br/>for family adventures! Distraction-free meals<br/> create better experiences. Find some yummy recipes,<br/> chefs and wellness ideas.

Shared Meals Matter

  • Jan 26th
    Marja and Eric - giving their all to make people happy

    My son, John, told me a few months ago about how a childhood friend, Marja, had moved to Wisconsin to open a restaurant with her husband. Both my son and I were really impressed how his friend and her husband followed their instincts about creating a happy life for themselves from Calif...

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  • Jan 21st
    The State of the Union...(around our dining tables!)

    Hearing President Obama's State of the Union address made me think about taking care of our values and priorities in our homes.

    It also made me wonder about how we are doing with the 'State of the Union' around our dining tables.

    The final part of th...

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About Shared Meals

It doesn’t have to take a ton of time.
It doesn’t have to need a huge menu.
It doesn’t have to add anything to your schedule.

A shared meal is a simple way to connect with those around you, and to share the things most important to you over an activity you already take part in every day— a meal.

The Shared-Meal Revolution is where you’ll find lots of ideas for mealtime, creative preparation, social engagement, and options for incorporating a ritual like this into your lifestyle.


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