Share one meal a day<br/> to regain balance and joy. Tips on making shared meals happen! Get kids in the kitchen<br/>for family adventures! Distraction-free meals<br/> create better experiences. Find some yummy recipes,<br/> chefs and wellness ideas.

Shared Meals Matter

  • May 9th
    Mother's Day: We're getting wiser about how to be good mothers

    When growing up, I saw my mother, Elizabeth, working tirelessly---24/7 (and I say this with no exaggeration)---to show her dedication to her kids and family. I truly, greatly, deeply appreciate all she did.

    But I also learned that being a good mother is not about s...

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  • Apr 4th
    Would YOU secretly hack your own family's tech devices?

    I love how technology can help us to grow together in new ways.  This device (created in Australia by a company called Domila) is called a "Pepper Hacker."   It's a sneaky but effective way to help families realize that there is a time and place for technology, and a shared meal is not ...

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About Shared Meals

It doesn’t have to take a ton of time.
It doesn’t have to need a huge menu.
It doesn’t have to add anything to your schedule.

A shared meal is a simple way to connect with those around you, and to share the things most important to you over an activity you already take part in every day— a meal.

The Shared-Meal Revolution is where you’ll find lots of ideas for mealtime, creative preparation, social engagement, and options for incorporating a ritual like this into your lifestyle.


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